Greecefull.Taste wishes to introduce you Modern Greek Food Culture, the mixture of the countless dietary treasures of our land and our people’s ability and passion, “meraki” as we the Greeks call it, to create.

Greecefull.Taste projects the work of small Greek food producers around the country, whose products combine purity, originality and tradition. 

Each product category has its own distinct character and culinary identity!

Aiming to introduce Greek food culture to consumers overseas, Greecefull.Taste addresses to professionals globally and presents an advantageous b2b proposal:

we created a cluster of 12 small producers that gives a collection of 600 final products

you can create your own Greek food collection, selecting products from different producers which suit better to your market

we will organize and supervise your mixed order’s proper dispatch

Greecefull.Taste offers you the opportunity to present your customers a wide Greek food range, at competitive prices, binding low working capital and keep you in active contact with each one of clusters member.